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EGOLF Training Courses

Tuesday, 10.02.2015

The MPA NRW offers training courses for European harmonised fire test procedures on behalf of the European Group of Organisations for Fire Testing, Inspection and Certification (EGOLF). Due to its specially trained staff the MPA NRW has been authorised by EGOLF to conduct courses for the following test procedures:


  • DIN EN ISO 1182
  • DIN EN ISO 1716
  • DIN EN ISO 11925-2
  • DIN EN ISO 9239-1
  • DIN EN 13823 (SBI-Test)


The implementation of these European test procedures concerning the fire behaviour of construction products prompted EGOLF to create a basis for a uniform procedure of conducting tests and evaluating their results by means of specially developed training courses for these testing methods. The courses also offer a possibility for interested industrial laboratories to become acquainted with this basis.


The courses developed with the cooperation of the MPA NRW have a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical part consists of a PowerPoint presentation in which the test procedure is explained in accordance with the test standards, and the specific features as well as possible unclear statements of the test standards are discussed in detail. In the practical part the theoretical presentation is descriptively demonstrated from the set-up and calibration of the test equipment, over the test execution (tests with different test materials are shown) up to the test evaluation and discussed.

Dates and further information

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