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New labels help to save energy and water

Friday, 02.09.2011


New labels help to save energy and water

Manufacturers of sanitary fittings can now advertise their resource-conserving products with two labels. The so-called WELL-Label confirms a low water flow and a water flow-independent temperature setting. The „Blue Angel“ signalizes water-saving hand showers and shower heads.

WELL-classification helps with the purchase decision

The Water Efficiency Label (WELL) is awarded by the EUnited. The agency located in Brussels and Frankfurt on the Main has created the label in cooperation with the European manufacturers of sanitary fittings and stipulated the award criteria. It wants to contribute to the resource-conserving use of drinking water and guarantees a low flow rate as well as a water flow-independent temperature setting – if applicable with a temperature limiter. With its colour-coded categorization the label has been designed in such a way that the fittings’ properties can be read off easily with regard to energy efficiency.

Sanitary fittings that are used in private households can be classified into four efficiency classes (stars). Fittings for public buildings can be awarded two stars more, altogether six stars. Here the additional demand „time“ is effective. The water flow must stop automatically after a certain period of time or the flow time is not usage-dependent.

Since the beginning of July 2011 the MPA NRW has been authorized to carry out the corresponding tests for the WELL-Label on sanitary fittings. This includes issuing the test report and the actual WELL-classification.

The "Blue Angel" for hand showers and shower heads

Since May 2011 the „Blue Angel“ can be applied for with regard to energy and water saving hand showers and shower heads. The tests are carried out according to RAL-ZU 157. The label stands for the efficient use of energy and water, for essential material requisitions regarding the hygienic status and a low contamination risk, for the observance of the noise emission according to the fittings group I or II (according to DIN 4109) as well as for durability and fitness for purpose.

The criteria for awarding the Blue Angel for shower heads were passed by the Jury Umweltzeichen (Environmental Label Jury) in their meeting in May  2011. The Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, the Federal Environment Agency and the RAL gGmbH cooperated in this committee.

The MPA NRW as an accredited laboratory and as a testing centre approved by the German Institute for constructional engineering (DIBt) is authorized to issue general appraisal certificates and also to carry out tests according to DIN EN 1112 as well as noise emission determination tests according to DIN EN ISO 3822. If the shower head meets the requirements the MPA NRW classifies it into the fittings group I or II according to DIN 4109 and issues a general appraisal certificate.

The „Blue Angel“ is awarded at the request of the company RAL gGmbH, 53757 Sankt Augustin. For this the manufacturer must present all necessary test reports as well as the general appraisal certificate. The testing laboratory of the MPA NRW informs its clients about all details concerning the awarding of the eco-label.

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