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DVGW Testing Body for sanitary taps and building valves

The Testing Body for sanitary taps and building valves at MPA NRW is specialized in type tests of sanitary taps (DIN EN 200 and DIN EN 817), thermostatic mixing valves (DIN EN 1111) and of ball valves (DIN EN 13828). We can perform e.g. tightness tests, determination of flow rates and endurance tests on cartridges, head pieces, diverters, swivel spouts and thermal elements. The noise tests required in the above mentioned standards are also offered by MPA NRW.

The Testing Body for sanitary taps and building valves is approved by DVGW CERT GmbH and accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025.The accredited test and product standards are listed in the appendix of the accreditation certificate D-PL-11142-01-02 under point 6.
In other Testing Bodies of MPA NRW a spectrographic analysis of metallic materials, tests of corrosion resistance of Ni-Cr-coatings (DIN EN 248) and migration tests on sanitary taps can be conducted.


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Chemical analytics and corrosion

WELL – Water Efficiency Labelling

Comprehensive test: The sequences of movements on the levers and handles of the sanitary taps are simulated with computer-controlled testing facilities.
The comprehensive test also comprises the examination of metal release - chemical analysis of inorganic materials (e. g. sanitary taps made of brass or further alloys).