SARS-Coronavirus / MPA NRW Prevention Measures

SARS-Coronavirus / MPA NRW Prevention Measures

Dear Customer

The coronavirus „SARS-CoV-2“ and the disease „Covid-19“ released by it have already seriously affected our country. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has already amended its risk assessment and declared Covid-19 as a pandemic.

At MPA NRW we have been monitoring the virus development, its spread and the resulting consequences for some time. Our employees make business trips throughout Germany and other European countries, at times also worldwide. Numerous contacts with customers and their employees are part of our everyday business.

Besides the general hygiene rules like protecting oneself from air-spread infections we have given our employees additional orders how to act should the event of a possible infection risk occur. According to these, they must contact their competent health authority immediately in the event of having had personal contact to a person diagnosed with this new kind of coronavirus by laboratory test even if they have no symptoms of illness. If our employees have visited a region classified as a risk area by the Robert Koch Institute (Germany), they are to avoid unnecessary contact - even if they have no symptoms of illness.

Furthermore, before planning and beginning a business trip, the employees of MPA NRW must inform themselves of the current development in Germany and the respective country of destination. Should doubts arise to going on the business trip with regard to the spread of the coronavirus, this business trip should not be implemented.

Due to the current situation it may therefore be possible that not all business trips can be carried out as planned. This you will surely understand. With these actions we want to contain the spread of the virus together with you and hope that the current tense situation will soon be more relaxed. We will gladly make
a new appointment for a visit with you or find other solutions.

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