Building products: Controlled building security

The testing field "building products" in the MPA NRW is as manifold as the materials used between chimney and the building foundation. The classic building material testing has been an important mainstay of the testing business since the foundation of the MPA NRW in 1947. At that time this was connected with the requirements of reconstruction after the war. Today it is the consequence of a testing and consulting competence acquired during decades.

Partner and pilot on the European market

The European market is becoming increasingly important for German manufacturers. And increasingly confusing. The MPA NRW offers to be a partner and pilot. Its experts work in numerous European standardization committees and can give their clients first-hand information on the requirements to their products for the European CE marking.

The MPA NRW has been accredited by the supervising authority as a centre for testing, surveillance and certification of mineral building materials. We test the compressive or tensile strength of building materials, the load-bearing capacity of building components or the maximum compression strength of waste water pipes according to the provisions of national and international standards or other technical regulations.

Sealings, preformed gaskets, elastomer sheets

The testing department for plastics and elastomers conducts mechanical technological tests on all sealing products that are installed in a building - starting from the cellar with the gaskets for gas pipes, pipes for drinking water and waste water over preformed gaskets and window gaskets up to the roof with its elastomer sheets.

Building components for the installation of gas and drinking water are tested according to the regulations of the Deutscher Verein des Gas- und Wasserfaches (DVGW, German association of the gas and water technology) - the MPA NRW has been accredited by the DVGW as a testing centre for pipes and pipe joints for the drinking water installation. The field of duty also comprises surveillance tests of the manufacturing companies.

Furthermore, the MPA NRW ascertains the noise emission of appliances and equipment used in water supply installations and conducts hydraulic and mechanical tests (flow rate, tightness, long-term performance, etc.) on fittings and stop valves. The testing laboratory of the MPA NRW also offers the manufacturers the detection of finest metal traces in drinking water fittings.

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