Fire testing centre Erwitte: Testing the behaviour of building components and materials in fire

The fire testing centre of the MPA NRW in Erwitte is one of the world's best equipped fire testing centres. All standardized tests for the fire protection classification of building materials and building components can be conducted here. Due to the variable equipment of the test furnaces also non-standardized special tests according to specific client demands can be carried out in Erwitte.

Customer advice as central service

Besides the technichal facilities in Erwitte the MPA NRW also offers its clients the competence of its fire experts. The engineers from Erwitte are on various national and international committees on the subject of fire testing. Inter alia they have developed various test methods and testing facilities by order of  the German Institute for Constructional Engineering and advised the European Commission on the establishment of the European fire standards. The MPA NRW offers its clients the possibility to contact the experts in the fire testing centre in Erwitte should they have questions concerning the demands of the European standards to their products.

Notified with the European Commission

The MPA NRW has been nationally approved as body for testing, surveillance and certification of building products according to section 28 (1) of the building regulations NRW. For the European Market the MPA NRW has been notified with the European Commission and is thus acknowledged for building products according to European standards and technical certifications. Furthermore, the fire testing centre of the MPA NRW in Erwitte possesses the accreditation according to the standard DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

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