Metals: Grown competence

Mechanical-technological tests and tests of metal building products are the core of the testing sphere "Metals". The competence of MPA NRW in this sphere grew due to the immediate proximity to the companies of the metal industry in the Ruhr district. Many of their metal products and production methods were developed in close cooperation with the experts of MPA NRW.

Tests under realistic conditions

Testing metal constructions is becoming a main task in the laboratories of MPA NRW. These are metals that are bonded with other building materials or are part of complex systems. We test the behaviour and the changes of these constructions in movement, unter the impact of external strains and under various operating conditions.

Due to the variety and the fast further development of these products MPA NRW designed and constructed test stands that function according to a modular construction system. This allows modules to be individually assembled in accordance to the constructions to be tested. Especially the testing sphere doors and gates benefits from this modular construction system: nearly every construction can be tested at MPA NRW. In the testing laboratory for pipes and fittings complex pipe systems can be connected with one another in many variations. Thus it it possible to test under realistic circumstances.

All from one hand

In the sphere of Metals all material tests required by standards and also voluntary material tests are offered "from one hand". The client just has to tell his person of contact at MPA NRW his wishes and requirements and receives a complete result after the completion of all tests. Thus, after having for instance completed the long-term performance and tightness test of his sanitary fittings the client doesn’t have to start looking for a contact person in the MPA laboratory for acoustics. Tests of metal traces with a mass spectrometer can also be included here. One of the frequent client demands is the combination of long-term performance for doors and gates and their test in the fire protection laboratory.

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