Insulation material: tested climate protection

A good thermal insulation saves energy and is an important contribution to climate protection. The demands to insulation material are increasing not only in the sphere of house construction but also in industry: gaseous or liquid substances have to be transported via pipelines without their losing heat or coldness.

The insulation material tests of MPA NRW cover the entire range of materials and fields of application: we test flat, tubular and loose insulating materials for the building construction, for industrial use and for special applications.

The testing laboratory for thermal insulation can conduct national and European individual tests, surveillance tests, approval tests and initial tests as well as "Initial Type Tests" (ITT).

    Comprehensive tests: all from one source

    MPA NRW also offers its clients comprehensive tests

    Information on the way to Europe

    Informing the clients is becoming increasingly important – not only due to the technological development that brings forth new and innovative products in always shorter periods of time. After the European regulations harmonisation many relevant standards have changed. The experts in the testing laboratory for thermal insulation participated in the development of the EU testing and product standards and are active in national and European expert panels. They can offer their clients an important support on their way onto the European market.

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