Profile – DVGW Testing Bodies at MPA NRW

The DVGW Testing Bodies at MPA NRW are approved by DVGW CERT GmbH and are accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 by DAkkS (German Accreditation Body) for a variety of DVGW Test Standards and other product standards. Type tests according to DVGW Test Standards, national standards (DIN/DIN-DVGW) as well as European (CEN) and international standards (ISO) are conducted. The manufacturer can achieve a DVGW certification at DVGW CERT GmbH with the type tests performed as per DVGW Test Standards. To maintain a DVGW certification the employees of the Testing Bodies also carry out monitoring tests at the production plants following the requirements of DVGW CERT GmbH. These requirements are stated in the relevant DVGW Test Standards respectively in the DVGW CERT Rules of Procedure. Furthermore MPA NRW offers voluntary monitoring tests of products beyond a DVGW certification or according to requirements of other certification bodies by signing a monitoring agreement. The employees are part of DVGW panels and standard committees and therefore involved in the design and development of test standards and product standards on national, European and international level. Moreover single or special tests can be performed following customer request. The responsible employees will help you to determine the necessary scope of testing along with the requirements and will clarify all details.  

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