MPA NRW: Over six decades of quality and safety

On 20 May 1947 the economics minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, Prof. Dr. Erik Noelting, signed the decree to establish a state Materials Testing Office in the Alte Radstrasse in Dortmund. Already after a short time the MPA NRW needed more room due to continually increasing testing work: in 1952 it moved to the Marsbruchstrasse where the state company is located even today.

Another milestone in the history of the MPA NRW is the establishment of the outpost in Erwitte that is a fire testing centre today. The aim in 1978 was to create optimal conditions for fire protection experiments. In 1995 the Office became a commercially run state company.

In 2007 the MPA NRW celebrated its 60th anniversary and issued an extensive special edition (pdf) of its newsletter “Check-it!” for its clients.