Electrical quantities, temperature and relative humidity: Calibration according to national and international standards and directives

As all the calibration testing laboratories of the MPA NRW the calibration laboratory for electrical quantities, temperature and relative humidity has also been accredited in the named fields by the German accreditation body (DAkkS): D-K-11142-01-00 and D-PL-11142-01-09.

On request also measurements on the premises of the client

The calibration laboratory offers measurements and calibrations during production processes and production flows with temperatures from -40 to 1100 degrees centigrade as well as the determination of the relative air humidity (5 per cent relative air humidity – 95 per cent relative air humidity at 5°C to 95°C). Furthermore, the MPA NRW conducts traceable measurements and calibrations according to national standards resp. international standards and directives – on request of the client also on his premises. This for instance concerns the classification of heat treatment furnaces according to DIN EN 17052-1 or the initial calibration of heat-soak furnaces according to DIN EN 14179-1.

Metrological control of medical measuring devices

Section 11 of the “Ordinance on the Installation, Operation and Use of Medical Products” (MPBetreibV) demands regular metrological controls of medical measuring devices. The calibration laboratory of the MPA NRW possesses the acknowledgement of the area authorities for these verifications and conducts them on applanation tonometers according to the directives of the Federal Physical-Technical Institute (PTB).

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