Expert departments: on-site radiation protection

Protection from damage caused by X-rays

The X-Ray Ordinance regularly prescribes verifications of X-ray units in clinics, medical practises and in industry. During the past years the application possibilities of such facilities have strongly increased. The officially acknowledged experts of the MPA NRW do not only conduct the verification of the X-ray units as has to be done every five years but also support their clients with advice when planning X-ray rooms and facilities according to DIN 6812 and DIN 54113.

When conducting the verification the “Directives for expert testing according to the X-Ray Ordinance” are applicable. The evaluation of the condition of medical facilities complies with the standards DIN 6811, DIN 6812, DIN 6813 and DIN 6815, the image quality assurance with the standards of the DIN 6868 group. For technical X-ray units the standard DIN 54113 is correspondingly applicable.

Protection against damages due to ionising radiation

The expert department Radiation Protection Ordinance conducts individual tests and assessments for radiation protection when using radioactive materials and when operating irradiation facilities. Every year the officially acknowledged experts of the MPA NRW check irradiation facilities according to the “Directive for expert testing” according to section 66 subparagraph 2 of the Radiation Protection Ordinance. Here enclosed radioactive materials are tested with regard to tightness.

When conducting the tests the standard DIN 6847/IEC 62C48 ist observed for accelerator facilities, the standard DIN 6846/IEC 601-2-11 for gamma facilities, DIN 6853/IEC 601-2-17 for after-loading-facilities. The tightness test for radioactive emitters is conducted according to DIN 25426.

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