Plastics and elastomers: flexible and long lasting

The market for products out of plastics and elastomers is fast moving. On every occasion materials are optimised or new systems are developed. Especially in the building and construction industry many metal products have been substituted by plastic products – for cost reasons and because plastic materials offer considerably more possibilities. The automobile industry also belongs to the clients of the MPA NRW’s testing laboratories: here more and more plastics are used in gasket systems and motor construction.


The laboratory for plastics and elastomers of the MPA NRW is optimally equipped for testing services. Here all specific values of sealing materials and systems required by the standards can be determined. The market puts high demands on the products, because the sealing between two different building materials has to have a long service life, withstand extreme variations in temperature, be watertight and to some extent be resistant to aggressive liquids.

We also offer product certifications and approval tests

Besides the classical material tests the service offer of the MPA NRW also offers product certifications, external surveillance, expert reports and approval tests. Furthermore, the MPA NRW can offer its clients the great knowhow of its staff: the experts in the testing laboratories are represented in expert committees of the DIBt and also in standardisation bodies of DIN and CEN.

The MPA NRW is a centre for surveillance and certification according to the Building Regulations of the Land (index no. NRW02), accredited testing laboratory according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 (D-PL-11142-01-02), notified body 0432, testing laboratory for gas and water applications accredited by the DVGW (German association of the gas and water technology) and also accredited testing laboratory according to DIN CERTCO.

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