Fire resistance

All kinds of building components can be examined with regard to their fire resistance in the fire testing centre. In the up to 4 x 5 metres large testing furnaces complete walls, ceilings, doors, gates, glazings,penetration seal systems, pipe and cable penetrations, as well as all kinds of integrity systems can be exposed to a simulated, fully developed fire. The flames are produced by oil fuel or gas. The behaviour of the building components is registered during the test by temperature and deformation measurements. A documentation of the test procedure by video recording is also possible.

Our scope of services

In its fire testing centre in Erwitte the MPA NRW can conduct all testing services specified in the national or European fire testing standards and product standards (except testing loaded studs and walls):

  • type tests
  • approval tests
  • tests within the scope of surveillance agreements

Furthermore, there is the possibility of issuing expert's reports, for example for an approval application in a given case.

Testing furnaces for each and every demand

In order to test fire resistance the following furnaces are available:

  • testing furnaces for standard walls 3 x 3 metres
  • testing furnaces for vertical building components up to a size of 4 x 5 metres
  • test stations with sizes from 2 x 4 metres up to 4 x 5 metres for ceilings and other horizontal building elements
  • furnaces for ventilation ducts according to DIN-4102-6 for testing horizontal and vertical ventilation ducts
  • testing devices with exhaust hoods for special tests (e. g. tests on containers and cabinets)

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