Fire behaviour of building materials

In the fire testing centre of the MPA NRW in Erwitte all tests for the fire behaviour classification of building materials according to DIN 4102 as well as all tests according to the harmonized European test standards can be conducted: this especially comprises the fire class determination of floor coverings, fire tests on claddings of external walls and also the determination of the reaction of roofs to external fire.

The MPA NRW regularly participates in the new and further development of testing methods. At the moment the experts from Erwitte are occupied with the fire behaviour of cables, horizontally arranged PS hard foam panels and curtain walls

Support on the way to Europe

The MPA NRW has been accredited by the highest building authority as a centre for testing, surveillance and certification for the behaviour of building materials in fire. As a member of EGOLF, the “European Group of Official Laboratories for Fire Testing” and as participant in the European standardization processes the MPA NRW has a vast knowledge of the harmonized European standards and offers its clients advice and support on their way into the European market.

Testing and further services

The fire testing centre in Erwitte conducts type tests (Initial Type Test ITT) as well as tests within the scope of surveillance agreements. Further services are the issuing of certificates of compliance, the issuing of general technical test certificates and the issuing of surveys.

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