Mechanical-technological tests: How does the material react?

It is the classical material test: a solid material is tested with regard to its reaction at room temperature and higher or lower temperatures. For this MPA NRW has test equipments the construction of which has hardly changed in the past decades. And it doesn’t have to, because the appliances can deliver reliable results when performing all tests prescribed by the standards even today.

Tests are conducted on tensile test machines, pressure test machines, bending machines, dynamic fatigue test machines and notched-bar impact-bending test machines as creep tests or relaxation tests. Besides the standardised tests MPA NRW additionally offers its business partners the implementation of individual tests.

The testing laboratory of the department has been accredited by the Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH (DAkkS) - it is the national accreditation body for the Federal Republic of Germany, with headquarters in Berlin.

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