Metal building products: Storm-proof

The Ziegelgraben bridge between Stralsund and the island of Ruegen is one of Germany's most remarkable bridge structures. From a 126 metres high pylon 32 diagonal cables branch off from stranded prestressing steel wire and carry the roadway. The material has to meet high demands due to the extremely rough winter storms in the region and the high traffic volume due to holiday and transit traffic. The sphere “Pre-stressing Steel and Prestressing/Clamping methods” of MPA NRW was substantially involved in the quality-assuring measures for the production of the stranded prestressing steel wires for the diagonal cables and their achoring components.

Approved centre for testing, surveillance and certification

MPA NRW offers its clients the execution of all approval and surveillance tests prescribed by the building inspection as well as compliance certificates according to the Building Rules List for building products of the concrete and reinforced concrete construction or metal construction. MPA NRW has been accredited by the highest building authority of the Land North Rhine-Westphalia as a centre for testing, surveillance and certification – this approval is valid for the whole of Germany and comprises the following building products:

  • Concrete steel, reinforcing steel and prestressing steel
  • High-carbon structural steel
  • Forged steel
  • Cast steel
  • Quenched and tempered steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Weldable fine-grained structural steel
  • Aluminium
  • Joints and fastenings (rivets, screws, bolts, nuts and washers)
  • Corrosion-protected components
  • Prefabricated metal components
  • High-tensile tension members
  • Cast-iron pipes and fittings including the joints and fastenings

We offer individual tests, surveillance tests and approval tests and also issue general appraisal certificates. 

Contact in MPA NRW

The new Ziegelgraben bridge connects Ruegen with the mainland. MPA NRW was mainly involved in the surveillance of the building work.

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