Sewage pipes and connections

For gaskets and pipe connections for drainage as well as for sewer system pipes the MPA NRW offers its clients type tests, product certifications, external surveillance, expert reports and approval tests. The testing laboratory is a centre for surveillance and certification according to the Building Regulations of the Land.

Tests are conducted according to DIN, EN, ISO, the construction and test regulations as well as the approval guidelines of the German Institute for Structural Engineering, RAL quality protection provisions, technical delivery conditions of public institutions and administrative bodies as well as factory standards and stipulated test procedures.

The experts from the testing laboratory work in numerous standardisation bodies of DIN and CEN and actively participate in the exchange of experiences of the quality protection associations. The Quality Association for plastic pipes (registered society) belongs to them, for example, just like the German association of the gas and water technology (registered society). The MPA NRW passes the knowhow gained due to this exchange of experiences on to its clients.

The laboratory for plastics and elasomers offers the following tests:

Determination of material properties

  • Shore- and IR-hardness
  • Tensile strength and elongation
  • Compression set
  • Tensile set
  • Compressive stress relaxation
  • Tensile stress relaxation
  • Identification tests in short- or long-term tests

Resistance tests

  • Artificial aging
  • Resistance to waste water
  • Ozone resistance
  • Behaviour under cold conditions
  • Root penetration resistance
  • Chemical resistance

Functional tests

  • Watertightness
  • High angle constistency
  • Bending tensile strength
  • Longitudinal flexural strength
  • Fatigue strength under fluctuating stress
  • Behaviour under long period stressing / Hydrostatic pressure resistance
  • Component inspections