Seals and sealing systems

The MPA NRW offers testing services for the field of wastewater, drinking water, gaseous waste, gas, hydraulics, automotives and also construction waterproofing.

In detail:

  • Accredited centre for testing, surveillance and certification according to the Building Regulations of the Land
  • Product certifications
  • Surveillances, approval tests
  • Tests as accredited laboratory for DVGW and DIN CERTCO
  • Accompanying development tests

Furthermore, we conduct tests on automotive gaskets according to client demands (also assembly tests), component tests according to the standards named above as well as special tests upon consultation.

The MPA NRW determines the characteristic values according to the demands of the following standards:

  • DIN EN 681-1, DIN EN 681-2, DIN EN 681-3, DIN EN 681-4
  • DIN EN 682
  • DIN EN 549
  • Requirements of DVGW, e. g. W 534, G5406, W 384, W 385
  • DIN EN 295-1, DIN EN 295-4
  • DIN EN 14241-1

The MPA NRW is a centre for surveillance and certification according to the Building Regulations of the Land (index no. NRW02), accredited testing laboratory according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 (D-PL-11142-01-02), notified body 0432, testing laboratory for gas and water applications accredited by the DVGW (German association of the gas and water technology) and also accredited testing laboratory according to DIN CERTCO.

The experts from the testing laboratory work in numerous committees of experts and standardisation bodies of the DIBt, DIN and CEN and actively participate in the exchange of experiences of the test centres and the various quality protection associations. The MPA NRW passes the knowhow gained due to this exchange of experiences on to its clients.

The test methods in the laboratory for plastics and elastomers

Physikal tests

  • Tensile test, tear growth test
  • Tensile and compression set
    -40°C up to +250°C in air, 23°C up to 200°C in water
  • Tensile and compressive stress relaxation (23°C up to 230°C in air)


  • After storage in test media like alkalis, acids, oils, hydrocarbon fuels, solvents
  • After ozone influence
  • After weathering, also irradiation by xenon arc lamp, tempering and spraying
  • After and under influence of low temperature up to -40°C
  • Heat aging, also periodically

Tests are conducted according to all current DIN, EN, ISO and ASTM standards as well as according to the approval guidelines of the German Institute for Structural Engineering, technical delivery conditions and factory standards.

The following analyses can be carried out in the laboratory of the MPA NRW

  • TGA according to DIN 51 006, ISO 9924-(1-3) or according to client demands
  • DSC analyses according to DIN EN ISO 11357-1/DIN 53 765
  • IR spectrometric examinations according to ISO 4650/DIN 51 451
  • Extractions according to DIN ISO 1407
  • Detection of chloroprene
  • Determination of the ash content according to ISO 247/DIN 53 568