Bituminous substances

We test polymer modified bituminous thick coatings and bituminous roof coatings and sealing sheets.

We conduct the following tests:

  • Type tests
  • CE and product certifications
  • External surveillance
  • Delivery of expertise
  • Accompanying development tests

The MPA NRW is a centre for surveillance and certification according to the Building Regulations of the Land (index no. NRW02), accredited testing laboratory according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 (D-PL-11142-01-02) and also a notified body 0432.

The experts from the testing laboratory work in numerous committees of experts and standardisation bodies of the DIBt, DIN and CEN and actively participate in the exchange of experiences of the test centres and the various quality protection associations. The MPA NRW passes the knowhow gained due to this exchange of experiences on to its clients.