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Sandwich elements

The MPA NRW offers the following testing services for sandwich elements.

  • Material tests according to DIN EN 14509
  • Tests, surveillance and certification based on the general approval of the German Institute for Structural Engineering
  • Approval tests
  • Material tests according to the regulations of EPAQ (European Quality Assurance for Panels and Profiles)
  • Technological characteristic values of the core layer: gross density, tensile strength, compressive strength, shear strength, modulus of elasticity from tensile, compression and shear tests, closed-cellness, thermal conductivity, dimensional stability, water absorption, cell gas analysis
  • Component properties in the component test: bending tests for single span beams, long-term bending tests, creep tests, carrying moment over the pillar
  • Properties of the surface layers and coatings (corrosion protection) as well as reaction of sandwich elements and building materials to fire are tested in other departments of the MPA NRW
Testing arrangement for tensile test